5m Air-100 in Brittany

Ronan C sent me this fantastic video of his 5m Air 100 flying some wonderful aerobatics on the beach in Brittany. So cool the way he flies it through a routine you’d normally expect from a much smaller plane. Total confidence! Very cool last flight of 2014.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Le Fish in PicaSim

Nice video by Youtuber Ted Heath of the Le Fish in PicaSim. Some pretty sweet moves in here… enjoy!

Planeur Grandes Plumes at Ménez-Hom

menez 2014 by PLP35

Great video of the Planeur Grandes Plumes (large glider) meet at the Ménez-Hom earlier this year. Some wonderful classic VTPR flying with very big gliders. Enjoy!

François Cahour & the Troll

A new video from the indomitable master of slope aerobatics, François Cahour, flying his own-design Troll. Very nice – watch for the cool spin reversals :)

Vagabondy – Hacker Vagabond fun

Nice video that came across the VTPR & Slope Aerobatics Facebook group… Gaz flying the Hacker Vagabond 1500. Nice!

Meeting Point by Noisy Skies

Meeting Point from l1pulsif on Vimeo.

My friend Pierre-Arnaud, the creative genius behind the incredible videos produced by Noisy Skies, recently visited Santa Barbara and we met up to shoot some video. He has given the video his usual professional-level treatment and I’m very impressed with the result! Nice job P-A!! It was awesome to get to meet you and I hope to see you again soon :)

Crazy Gliders by JGAF

Justin “JGAF” Gafford testing out a couple new ultrabatic gliders at Dave’s Beach in Carlsbad: the 36″ Funky Bipe and the 52″ Swank. Check it out – cool!

Kulbutin smooth & flippy

Kulbutin Smooth & Flippy from Phil Taylor on Vimeo.

A new one from Phil Taylor:

“Finally a chance to get the Kulbutin going in some fairly decent air on my local Devon slope on Sunday. Yes, it flips, yes it multiflips, yes, it outside multiflips ! But its also heavy & can get some speed on for some smoooooooth moves – and does insane flicks. Great fun, with a rather unusual “landing”. Music by Dave Stewart & Candy Dulfer – “Lily Was Here” – one I rediscovered recently.”

Very nice!! :)

Hacker Vagabond Video from Pierre Rondel

Flying the Vagabond from Pierre Rondel on Vimeo.

Pierre Rondel has uploaded a video of he and his clubmate flying a couple of the new Hacker Vagabond 1500 EPP aerobatics gliders. He reports conditions were a little strong and turbulent for VTPR but he seemed to really enjoy the glider! A very nice demonstration of the design’s capabilities.

The Vagabond 1500 is available from Hacker Model.

JGAF’s Biplane Ultrabat

Justin “JGAF” Gafford has built a biplane version of his Buzz aerobatics glider, and it flies great!! This is easily one of the most exciting new designs I’ve seen in a long time – biplane gliders are extremely rare, and this one performs really great. Excellent design, construction and flying by JGAF for sure!!