Kulbutin smooth & flippy

Kulbutin Smooth & Flippy from Phil Taylor on Vimeo.

A new one from Phil Taylor:

“Finally a chance to get the Kulbutin going in some fairly decent air on my local Devon slope on Sunday. Yes, it flips, yes it multiflips, yes, it outside multiflips ! But its also heavy & can get some speed on for some smoooooooth moves – and does insane flicks. Great fun, with a rather unusual “landing”. Music by Dave Stewart & Candy Dulfer – “Lily Was Here” – one I rediscovered recently.”

Very nice!! :)

Hacker Vagabond Video from Pierre Rondel

Flying the Vagabond from Pierre Rondel on Vimeo.

Pierre Rondel has uploaded a video of he and his clubmate flying a couple of the new Hacker Vagabond 1500 EPP aerobatics gliders. He reports conditions were a little strong and turbulent for VTPR but he seemed to really enjoy the glider! A very nice demonstration of the design’s capabilities.

The Vagabond 1500 is available from Hacker Model.

JGAF’s Biplane Ultrabat

Justin “JGAF” Gafford has built a biplane version of his Buzz aerobatics glider, and it flies great!! This is easily one of the most exciting new designs I’ve seen in a long time – biplane gliders are extremely rare, and this one performs really great. Excellent design, construction and flying by JGAF for sure!!

Hacker Model Vagabond 1500 Video

Vagabond ARF produced by Hacker Model Production Inc. from Hacker Model Production Inc. on Vimeo.

Here’s what appears to be the first video of the Vagabond 1500 by Hacker Model. The plane seems to fly nicely, and looks like it can perform flips with the supplied Madstab -style stabilizer. Very nice! I have one arriving any day and will do a full review.

Game of VTPR: Excalibur 2.0 at Ménez-Hom

Fun video from Damien Didier with a Game of Thrones theme, featuring an Excalibur 2.0 in the skies above the Ménez-Hom. Nice flying and fun idea :)

Slope Aerobatics & DS from the Czech Republic

Jirka Michalek sent me this cool video of him flying in some gnarly 22m/s (50mph) wind in the Czech Republic. Great visuals and smooth flying… enjoy! :)

Excalibur 2.0 flown by Jojo at the Ménez-Hom

Another new video from Damien, this time of an Excalibur 2.0 flown by Jojo at the Ménez-Hom. It’s great to see a steady stream of new videos from France, keep up the good work, guys! :)

Studying the Masters: BPLR’s Mad Snap

Studying the Masters: BPLR’s Mad Snap from surfimp on Vimeo.

Benoit Paysant-Le Roux’s 1999 video featuring his Madslide aerobatics glider changed the world of slope soaring forever. The Madslide featured a full flying stabilizer capable of 180 degree rotation, allowing the plane to perform flips around its center of gravity both upright and inverted. He called this style of flying “Madflight”.

Thanks to Benoit, today many pilots around the world are enjoying these Madflight flips, but there are still some tricks in that seminal video which remain unseen from other pilots. One of them is this aileron roll to negative “mad” snaproll combination.

Using the PicaSim R/C soaring simulator I was able to study and replicate Benoit’s mad snap and present it here for your viewing enjoyment. I fly Mode II, meaning the flaps and rudder are on the left stick, and the ailerons and elevator are on the right stick.

Aerobatics with Pixies by JGAF

Nice new one by Justin “JGAF” Gafford of JGAF’s Custom Aerobats flying one of his Buzz “No Name” planes. Super crisp roll rate and I love the flat spin at 1:07 and the rudder flip at 1:18.

DS Diva by Rainer Peters

DS Diva from rainer peters on Vimeo.

I don’t feature nearly enough F3X / ballistic videos on this site and it’s a shame, because there are some great videos out there… like this one from Rainer Peters of a DS Diva absolutely shredding!!