Le Fish core kits now available from FlyingFoam.com

Le Fish core kits are now available from FlyingFoam.com. The cores are based directly off the open source Le Fish plan.

Wings use the SB96V/VS airfoil combo and are available in either white or black 1.3# EPP. Fuselage is available in white 1.9# EPP. Builder will supply their own tail surfaces and aileron surfaces (6mm Depron if building an ultralight, balsa if building traditional weight), spars (two 0.8mm x 7.9mm x 1.8m carbon fiber ribbon spars if building ultralight, to taste if building traditional) as well as all hardware and covering material (1.7mil laminating film recommended for ultralight builds).

Big thanks to FlyingFoam for supporting the scratchbuilder community with this offering! :) Contact FlyingFoam.com for more details.

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