How To: Madflight Tips from BPLR

Benoit Paysant-Le Roux, aka BPLR, one of the world’s greatest R/C pilots and progenitor of the Madslide 3D glider, was kind enough to respond to an email inquiry I sent him concerning how to successfully pull off the wild loops seen in his awesome Madslide videos:

Madslide 3D slope aerobatics with Benoit Paysant-Le Roux (BPLR) from surfimp on Vimeo.

BPLR responded with the following, which I repost here in hopes that it will help others seeking to emulate this exciting and very cool flying style, which Benoit calls “madflight.”

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Dear Steve,

Thank you very much for you interest of the Madslide and the madflight style 🙂
The Madslide is a very old model now, my first one was in 1999 i think !!! and i am very happy to see that there is always some interest on this model !! Thank you.

I am not flying often this model but it’s always ready to flight and i really enjoyed to fly it always !

I have read the forum and there is a lot of good ideas !! I have not lot of time to answer to people so perharps it will be better you ask me if you have any questions i will try to answer if i can.

I have read that you have some problems to do good flips so i ll try to explain
you my Madslide flip version.

  1. The model
    • Elevator movement is the more important part 85/90° is very good i think 70° is the minimum !!
    • The gravity center is the second very important part, i think my Madslide is 40% perharps 50% from the leading edge !! Like 3D airplane it’s not very precise but it’s the “price” to do good 3D
    • The servo must have good speed so i have a 5 cells batterie
  2. Set up
    • Mix elevator to ailerons snapflaps. It’s really more easy to do flips with this mix. Bigger ailerons will be better. At 90° elevator movement you can have 35°/40° for the ailerons. This mix is very good for flat spin too !
    • You must take time to set up the model dual rate and expos.
  3. In flight
    Now the more difficult is in flight !

    • The more important his to adjust the speed of the model – to much speed his not good ( this is one of the problem of Phil with his MadSagitta ) you can do it at very low speed it’s more easy.
    • The difficult too his to have the good elevator stick movement – not too speed not to slow ! Practice different style to find the good movement !! And it depend of the speed of the model!!
    • The wind direction his important too – wind in front his the more difficult you can do it only at very low speed. the better his to do it with the wind in the side of the model. You can do it with the wind from behind but the exit of the flip is dangerous because the model can snap !

This is my experience with the Madslide i hope it could help you to enjoyed Madflight in California !!

Sorry for my bad english.
Have fun !!

Best regards

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Benoit your English is much better than my French! Merci Beaucoup and A+!

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