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Chris van Schoor’s “Italian Job” Graecalis flies in Ireland!

Chris van Schoor has finished and flown his Graecalis and the results are magnificent. Starting from a basic kit provided by three Italian enthusiasts, Chris spent the past 9 months building his Graecalis and has just recently maidened it. What a great flying plane, and sharp Red Bull color scheme. Great job Chris!

Another Italian masterpiece in progress: GRAECALIS

Another large and beautiful aerobatics glider is under construction in Italy, this time by the team at the Volo In Pendio Project. The new glider is named GRAECALIS and has a 3.6m wingspan. The fuselage was designed in CAD and then the mold produced using a CNC mill. The VIPP team is making good progress which has been documented in this build thread on BaroneRosso.