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Scale MDM-1 Fox Aerobatics

Fox over Moel Famau from Phil Taylor on Vimeo.

A very nice video from Phil Taylor of Paul J (Slopeangel) flying his 3m scale Fox over Moel Famau in North Wales a couple of weeks ago.

Fox Akrobatik

Some very nice video from Sebald Modellbau (creators of the Aroso series of Depron aerobatics gliders) of a 3.75m Rödel Modellbau MDM-1 Fox being flown through some very nice aerobatics. Great to see a big scale plane really getting put through its paces on the slope!

6.2m MDM-1 Fox off aerotow

Beautiful Fliegerland 6.22m 1/2.25 scale MDM-1 Fox and great flying… win!

MDM-1 Fox Flatland Aerobatics: Fullscale vs. Model

These two videos do a nice job of showing the similarities and differences between the fullscale and model versions of the MDM-1 Fox when performing aerobatics. Both feature some nice flying and decent videography. Enjoy!


~3.5m (1/4 scale) Model: