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Ultra-Batics or UltraBatics is short for “Ultralight Slope Aerobatics” and refers to 3 or 4 axis aerobatic gliders that are ultra-lightweight, ultra-maneuverable, and ultra-durable. Hence, UltraBatic.

The UltraBatics movement started here in Santa Barbara, California in the summer of 2011, and is now spreading around the world. UltraBatics is the product of collaboration between “Swiss Peter” Richner, Dawson Henderson of Flagstaff, Arizona and myself Steve “Surfimp” Lange.

Combining ultralight building techniques perfected by Peter with my Le Fish aerobatics glider design and Dawson’s innovative Henderson Pulley, we were able to create ultralight versions of the plane that were less than 1/2 the normal weight, allowing a radically new style of extremely close-in, low altitude flying in very light lift. These planes are fully aerobatic in as little as 6-8mph at a decent slope, but can also fly in 20-25mph and thermal, too.

UltraBatics gliders – “UItraBats” – are generally constructed from EPP and/or Depron foam, are covered in lightweight yet very durable laminating film, use minimal carbon fiber spars for reinforcement, and generally have wingloadings in the 4 – 6 oz/sq.ft. (12-20 g/dm^2) range. Some of the most radical examples employ Madslide-inspired horizontal stabilizers, controlled by Henderson Pulleys, which are capable of 180° rotation. This allows them to do radical filp maneuvers in the style invented by Benoit Paysant-Le Roux.

UltraBatics takes inspiration from three main sources:
1. The Dream-Flight Alula and Weasel
2. The Madslide aerobatics glider of Benoit Paysant-Le Roux of France
3. The French VTPR (“voltige tres pres du relief” aka “aerobatics very close to the ground”) flying style

The intention of UltraBatics is to explore new possibilites in slope aerobatics. We are limited only by what we can imagine.