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Ultra-Batics or UltraBatics is short for “Ultralight Slope Aerobatics” and refers to 3 or 4 axis aerobatic gliders that are ultra-lightweight, ultra-maneuverable, and ultra-durable. Hence, UltraBatic.

The UltraBatics movement started here in Santa Barbara, California in the summer of 2011, and is now spreading around the world. UltraBatics is the product of collaboration between “Swiss Peter” Richner, Dawson Henderson of Flagstaff, Arizona and myself Steve “Surfimp” Lange.

Combining ultralight building techniques perfected by Peter with my Le Fish aerobatics glider design and Dawson’s innovative Henderson Pulley, we were able to create ultralight versions of the plane that were less than 1/2 the normal weight, allowing a radically new style of extremely close-in, low altitude flying in very light lift. These planes are fully aerobatic in as little as 6-8mph at a decent slope, but can also fly in 20-25mph and thermal, too.

UltraBatics gliders – “UItraBats” – are generally constructed from EPP and/or Depron foam, are covered in lightweight yet very durable laminating film, use minimal carbon fiber spars for reinforcement, and generally have wingloadings in the 4 – 6 oz/sq.ft. (12-20 g/dm^2) range. Some of the most radical examples employ Madslide-inspired horizontal stabilizers, controlled by Henderson Pulleys, which are capable of 180° rotation. This allows them to do radical filp maneuvers in the style invented by Benoit Paysant-Le Roux.

UltraBatics takes inspiration from three main sources:
1. The Dream-Flight Alula and Weasel
2. The Madslide aerobatics glider of Benoit Paysant-Le Roux of France
3. The French VTPR (“voltige tres pres du relief” aka “aerobatics very close to the ground”) flying style

The intention of UltraBatics is to explore new possibilites in slope aerobatics. We are limited only by what we can imagine.

Woodshedding // working on some new tricks

Woodshedding // Ultrabatics from surfimp on Vimeo.

Quick edit of some new ultrabatic tricks I’m working on with my Buzz Evo from JGAF’s Custom Aerobats. Wind was a little light but I made the most of it and had fun all the same.

No-Name Style Buzz at Bill’s

Justin “JGAF” Gafford has filmed a new video of one of his “No-Name” style Buzz gliders flying in what looks like some pretty strong lift at Bill’s Hill. Lots of fast paced action in this one, don’t blink!!

Justin has also launched a new website where you can learn more about the different planes he offers: JGAF’s Custom Aerobats. All of the planes are sold ready-to-fly, just add your receiver and go!

Ultrabatics in Colombia

Ultrabatics Disappear here from Maniático Acrobático on Vimeo.

A new video from Luis Robledo Toro of his ultralight Suraci flying some smooth ultrabatics at a beautiful slope near Medellin, Colombia. Very nice!

Matt Stringer and his Super Guppy at Rincon


Matt Stringer is a well-known American 3D and pattern pilot. At only 19 years old, he’s won plenty of big contests against some of the world’s best pilots. What many people don’t know is that he’s also an avid slope soarer. Here he is at Rincon Point flying his own-design Super Guppy ultrabatics glider. Rad!!

UPDATE: And here’s a video of Matt flying at Rincon! Super sweet!

JGAF’s 2.5m Buzzilla ultrabat maiden

Justin “JGAF” Gafford of JGAF’s Custom Aerobats has built a 2.5m (100″) version of his Buzz ultrabatic design which he is calling Buzzilla. This is the maiden flight at Dave’s Beach near Carlsbad, California. Buzzilla has an interesting design, with long narrow tailboom and high aspect ratio wings. It’s got a beautiful light and very floaty presence in the air… very cool, very ultrabatic for sure! Great work on the sticks by Justin as always. Will look forward to seeing more of Buzzilla in the future.

Fernando Jesus’s Portuguese Le Fish

Le fish from fernando jesus on Vimeo.

A new video from Fernando Jesus of his ultralight Le Fish flying the cliffs of the Algarve in southern Portugal. I really like his flying and this one is pure Ellwood Style!! Super fun to watch – would love to visit again someday and fly with him, what a cool site.

JGAF’s 2m No-Name Plane

Another great video from Justin “JGAF” Gafford, this giving a test flight to his newly-built 2m “No-Name” plane that he built for a customer. Conditions were offcenter and less than ideal but that doesn’t slow Justin down at all… new plane looks super smooth and fun!

Read more about JGAF’s Custom Aerobats.

Ultrabatics: the Sweetest Taboo

Ultrabatics: the Sweetest Taboo from surfimp on Vimeo.

Dedicated to Roger “Cliffhanger” Brown, a great pilot and twice winner of the Video Contest. May you rest in peace my friend!

Latest session with my Buzz Evo from JGAF’s Custom Aerobats.

Wind was stronger this time, about 10-12mph+. More than plenty to have a lot of fun!

Find JGAF’s Custom Aerobats here.

Look At Where We Are // Ultrabatics 2014

Look At Where We Are // Ultrabatics 2014 from surfimp on Vimeo.

Slope aerobatics have evolved a LOT in the last few years… the capabilities of today’s ultrabatic airframes are truly unreal!!

I’ve been flying slope aerobatics in all forms and flavors since 2004. I’ve never had more fun than in the last 3 years, though… these ultrabatic planes are absolutely the most capable, the most creative, and the most fun planes I’ve ever flown. I can’t stand flying anything else… too many limitations, way too boring (IMHO :) ).

This plane is the Buzz Evolution by JGAF’s Custom Aerobats

Afternoon Buzz // Sea Lion Goth Blues

Afternoon Buzz // Sea Lion Goth Blues from surfimp on Vimeo.

Third session with the Buzz Evolution by JGAF’s Custom Aerobats and I’m hooked! This is easily one of my best flying videos ever and the Buzz Evo continues to satisfy with some excellent performance. Really digging it so much!!!! :)