Here are some more resources for those interested in slope aerobatics. There are links to aerobatic glider manufacturers, downloadable plans, and more. If you’d like to suggest a link, or if one of the links below has gone bad, please use the contact form to let us know.

Composite VTPR and Slope Aerobatics Gliders

EPP, EPO, Depron and other foam VTPR and Slope Aerobatics Gliders

Wooden Built-Up VTPR and Slope Aerobatics Gliders

Plans for VTPR and Slope Aerobatics Gliders

VTPR and Slope Aerobatics Gliders Flying, Design, Construction and Theory

Clubs, groups and blogs with an Interest and/or Emphasis on VTPR and Slope Aerobatics

Please contact me if you would like to have your club page listed here!

South Africa

Good Forums for Discussion About VTPR and Slope Aerobatics

R/C Slope Databases

Planning a trip and bringing your glider? Check out these websites to find cool places to fly!

R/C Glider Simulation Software & Resources

R/C simulators that are especially good for gliders and slope soaring.

  • PicaSim – Free Windows PC version, low cost Android and iPhone apps. The descendant of SSS, as of 2014 PicaSim is hands-down the best simulator for slope soaring and especially for practicing slope aerobatics. It is the only simulator capable of emulating Madflight and ultrabatics. Comes with Le Fish and Trapeze aerobatic slope glider models included as well as a wide variety of other models including gliders, powered aircraft, helicopters and quadcopters.
  • Aerofly – the best “big name” R/C simulator for gliders, also has power planes and helicopters. Superb graphics, includes slope soaring, alpine soaring, winch and aerotow. 2 players at once via split screen (requires a second controller), or up to 16 in online multiplayer over the internet or LAN. Slope soaring emulation is good but not quite to the same level as PicaSim.
  • – Great resource site for Aerofly 5, with a bunch of great free model downloads. By Jan aka “Jet-Pack”.
  • Aerofly 5 Modelle – Another great resource site for Aerofly 5 models. By Niko Fräulin.
  • Le Fish for RealFlight – Created by Matt “McPhatty”, a Le Fish model with Madstab and two color schemes, for the RealFlight R/C simulator. Cool!

Aerobatics Software

Free software that will allow you to create Aresti aerobatics sequences

Friends and Fellow Travelers

These are links to the websites of friends of mine that support R/C slope soaring with their products and services. They’re included here because what they offer is top notch and of interest to anyone with a passion for slope soaring.

  • Bob Breaux’s SoaringUSA (Wasabi, Vector III, Minivec, and many, many more)
  • Kevin Newton’s
  • Noisy-Skies – the most beautiful slope videos you’ve ever seen!
  • Dieter Mahlein’s ShredAir – a legend of our sport now living and flying in the natural splendor of the Colombian Andes
  • Santa Barbara Radio Control Modelers – AMA club based in Santa Barbara, California

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